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  • Packaged Explosives


    Tradename: EMULINIT & EMULEX

    Cartridge explosives in diameter 32mm to 100mm for both surface and underground blasting operations.

    Key Features
    • Detonator sensitive packaged in plastic film cartridges
    • Excellent water resistance
    • Resistance to dynamic pre-compression
    • Tampable plastic film cartridges
    • Excellent gas volume for heave displacement
    • Good borehole coupling when matched to the blast hole dimensions
    • Type 2 product versions contain aluminium for increased heave in broken rock ground
  • Packaged Explosives


    Tradename: POLADYN

    Manufactured for use in surface quarrying, underground mining and construction blasting.

    Key Features
    • Nitroester based waterproof explosive
    • All-purpose use for wet & dry hole blasting
    • Detonator & detonator cord sensitive
    • Excellent water-resistant characteristics
    • Packaged in paper wrapped cartridges
    • High velocity for rapid shattering action
    • Suitable for column or priming charges
    • Used extensively in demolition applications
  • Blasting Powder

    Blasting Powder

    Tradename: WANO NPMG

    Medium grain (NPMG) for splitting and heaving dimensional stone and slate. The mixture of potassium nitrate, charcoal and Sulphur is polished with graphite and graded into specific grain sizes. This product should only be used in dry holes or with anti-static hole liners. Appropriate measure should be taken to avoid electrostatic charges, moisture and excessive forces whilst using this product.

    Key Features
    • Deflagrating explosive
    • Detonator sensitive
    • Low VOD
    • Long shelf life in dry magazine conditions
  • Detonating Cord

    Detonating Cord

    Tradename: NITROCORD

    Used as a downline to initiate detonator sensitive commercial explosives including Emulsions, Dynamites, pressed and cast Boosters. Detonating cord is also used for pre-splitting and as a trunkline to provide a path of initiation to non-electric detonators.

    Key Features
    • PETN core loaded linear charge encased in a red plastic outer jacket
    • Suitable for dimensional stone blasting &
    • Selection of core loading suitable for downlines & trunklines
    • Good resistance to abrasion & tensile strength
    • Can be used in dry & wet holes
    • Core loadings from 6g/m to 100g/m
  • Boosters Primers


    Tradename: BREXCO T500

    Pressed TNT booster used for the reliable initiation of insensitive explosives including ANFO, Emulsions, Watergels.

    Key Features
    • High density TNT encased in a red plastic outer jacket
    • Dual (2) detonator pockets suitable for non-electric & electric detonators
    • Enlarged centre through tunnel to accommodate the use of 2 detonators
    • Long shelf life
  • Boosters Primers


    Tradename: APB25

    Designed primarily for small diameter holes in underground & surface blasting operations as a booster primer for ANFO, Packaged and pumped emulsions.

    Key Features
    • Plasticised PETN encased in an enclosed transparent plastic tube
    • End plug with detonator receiver aperture
    • Accepts most commercially available detonators
    • Can be used underwater up to a depth of 30m
  • Specialist Products

    Specialist Products

    Specialist explosives for concrete & steel demolitions & vegetation clearing.

    Key Features
    • Linear Shaped Charges for cutting mild steel plate up to 76.2mm (single charge)
    • Plastic bonded sheet & blocks
    • Adhesive strip charges
    • Tree cutting charges
    • Propellant cartridges for secondary rock breaking
  • Bulk

    Ammonium Nitrate

    Tradename: ULTRAN

    Technical grade porous prill used as an oxidizer developed for onsite ANFO mixing.

    Key Features
    • 25kg Bags for ease of handling
    • Control loading quantities
    • Reduce the cost of loading
  • Detonators

    Non-Electric Detonators


    Key Features

    Designed for the initiation of detonator sensitive explosives and used in conjunction with compatible shock tube delay trunkline detonators.

    • Millisecond (MS) & Long Period (LP) delays
    • Precise control and accuracy for blasting
    • Suitable for basic and complex blast patterns
    • Quick connections
    • Compatible with the use of detonating cord
  • Detonators

    Trunkline Surface Delay Connectors

    Tradename: SURELINE

  • Detonators

    Start Line (Non Electric)

    Tradename: SHOTLINE

  • Detonators

    Shock Tube

    Tradename: SURELINE

    Key Features

    Bulk shock tube reel for the manufacture of non-electric detonators and extending lead-in-lines to desired lengths.

    • Shock tube diameters 2.1mm & 3.0mm
    • Reel lengths from 200m to 5000m
    • Range of tubing colours
    • Suitable for Mining, Construction & Ordnance Disposal


  • Detonators

    Electric Detonators

    Tradename: ROCKSTAR

    Key Features

    Electric detonators for the initiation of detonator sensitive explosives. Available in delay timings suited to surface and underground blasting operations.

    • Antistatic insulation for protection against stray currents
    • Millisecond (MS) & Long Period (LP) delays
    • Wire leg lengths from 2m to 30m
    • Range of 4 fusehead types for protection against electrical sources
    • Internal primary charge protection
    • Stronger shell to minimise the effect of water hammer
  • Detonators

    Electronic Detonators

    Tradename: ESTAR

    Key Features

    Programmable delay electronic detonators from 1ms to 20,000ms.
    EStar blasting units are capable of initiating up to 1600 EStar detonators in a single blast.

    • Reduced stocks & storage
    • Accurate timings
    • Wire leg lengths 6m to 30m
    • 1.4S Packaging
    • Multi-level detonator verification
    • Copper shells for extended sleep times & water resistance
    • 5-year shelf life in magazine storage conditions
  • Detonators

    Plain Detonators

    Key Features

    Plain Detonators are used in conjunction with safety fuse to initiate detonator sensitive explosives.
    Single open end accepts standard safety fuse cut to the required length. The fuse is inserted and secured in to position with crimpers designed for the application.

    • Basic method of assembly
    • Initiation of detonator sensitive explosives and cords
    • Deflagrating initiation to detonation
    • Cost effective
    • Suitable for use with safety fuse & detonating cord up to 6mm diameter
    • PETN Base charge 720mg

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