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BREXCO is more than a UK distributor of commercial explosives. BREXCO is also an industry leader in the  manufacture and installation of semi-portable steel explosives storage systems (aka Magazines).

Founded in 2010 as a distributor of specialist explosive products BREXCO had a need for approved secure storage to obtain the necessary licences. Initially we constructed our own magazines, which developed in time and led to the commercial design and manufacture of high security steel magazines which are now recognised throughout the industry.

Land based magazines incorporate locks first patented in 1787 made by Bramah which have been referenced in the works of Charles Dickens, George Bernard Shaw & Fredrick Forsyth  

Customers range from commercial, military to police forces throughout the UK and worldwide.  Our magazines can even be found in the Antarctic.

In recent years Brexco has made significant investment in the future by constructing the newest licensed  storage facility, located centrally in the North of England, for the storage and distribution of packaged  explosives and accessories.

This new facility enables customers committed to reducing their operational carbon footprint the option  of procurement from a regional source, thereby reducing the impact on the environment and supporting  their sustainability policy.

Brexco products are produced for the ultimate performance by industry recognised manufacturers, with a pedigree for reliability, safety and technical support.

Brexco is proud to supply and service  surface and underground mining and the construction industry with packaged explosives and initiation  accessories.

Below are videos of some recent projects we’ve supported with products, logistics & personnel:

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Summerhill & Tullamore Transmitters – July 2023 – View video

British Steel BOS Plant –  Sept 2022 – View video

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Ironbridge Power Station –  Nov 2019 – View video

Ferrybridge C Power Station –  Oct 2019 – View video

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Our core is value is simple. It begins and ends with customer care and the recognition of each customer as an individual.
Going the extra mile is what we do naturally and our people have earned the reputation for listening well, being attentive and reliable, safety conscious, passionate and solutions orientated.